Single-use Extremity Systems


AOTI offers a wide range of single-use Topical Wound Oxygen (TWO2) extremity chambers to allow our therapy to be applied effortlessly while meeting the needs of our customers in such varied care sites as hospitals, LTACs, Wound Care Clinics, SNFs, nursing homes, and patient homes. Our single-use devices are easy to set-up and operate, and can be disposed of between treatments, eliminating any need for cleaning between patients.

The fundamentals of operation for our TWO2 therapy devices are the same. The extremity system is comprised of an inflatable plastic chamber and an electro-mechanical therapy controller unit.

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Principles of operation
The lack of oxygen to the injured tissue results in hypoxia that, in combination with a bacterial load, are the primary reasons chronic wounds fail to heal. Providing targeted oxygen to the injured tissue using our TWO2 therapy devices has been proven to destroy anaerobic pathogens, increase leukocyte function, reverse localized hypoxia, and stimulate collagen synthesis by enhancing fibroblast activity and promoting angiogenesis. These factors combined result in wound bed granulation, strong collagen tissue formation, and wound closure.

The TWO2 therapy system operates by applying oxygen pressure that is cycled between 5 and 50 millibar (mb) directly to the wound site within a sealed, humidified environment. This provides a far greater tissue oxygen diffusion gradient resulting in increased tissue oxygenation. The cyclical nature of the pressure also creates sequential compression that reduces peripheral edema and stimulates wound site perfusion.

The patented combination of the increased oxygen pressure gradient and cyclical compression therapy directly increases leukocyte function. As a result, antibacterial activity is enhanced and bacterial growth is suppressed, leading to granulation of new healthy tissue allowing for faster healing of the wound.

hb_newTWO2 therapy has been shown to be particularly effective as an adjunctive treatment modality for closing chronic wounds, that include venous, diabetic, and pressure ulcers. TWO2 therapy has also been shown to be effective in treating diseased wounds, post-surgical infections, amputations, infected residual limbs, frostbite, and burns.

TWO2 therapy allows for targeted treatments utilizing oxygen pressure applied directly to the wound site, resulting in none of the potential negative systemic effects seen in other therapies.

The ability to close previously non-responsive and slow-to-heal wounds provides significant clinical, quality of life, and cost saving benefits.




TWO2 therapy is state-of-the-art in non-invasive
Advanced Wound Healing Solutions