The Healing Power of TWO2®
in flexible form: MULTI-PATCH

The Healing Power of TWO2® in flexible form: MULTI-PATCH

The TWO2® Multi-Patch system can be applied almost anywhere on the body.* The Multi-Patch can be sized for different wounds and customized to accommodate a wide variety of ulcer sizes or shapes. In addition, it can be used over gas-permeable dressings.

TWO2® Multi-Patch is indicated for use on acute and chronic wounds.

The recommended Multi-Patch treatment is 60 minutes, 4-7 days per week.***

*Multi-Patch is contraindicated for patients with current deep vein thrombosis (DVT), or a history of DVT.

**Prescribers may determine alternative frequency or duration depending on an individual patient’s medical needs

***Please contact your local AOTI representative if it is available in your country.

Easy to Use, Flexible and Customizable

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Multi-Patch System can be sized for different wounds

Multi-Patch System can be sized for different wounds

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Mechanism of Action

TWO2® therapy has a three component mechanism

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Benefits of Supplemental Oxygen

Non-healing wounds that stall in the inflammatory phase lack adequate oxygen, which prevents essential enzymic production responsible for cellular metabolism, collagen production and immune response to fight infection. TWO2® provides the highest penetration of oxygen into the wounded tissue through an oxygen partial pressure of approximately 800 mmHg.

The extra availability of oxygen propels the wound out of the inflammatory phase and restores a robust healing pathway.

TWO2® kickstarts the stalled Inflammatory process

The higher level of oxygen provides fuel for ATP synthesis that stimulates the wound to progress out of the stalled Inflammatory state.

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AMPLIFIES local immune response to fight infection

Upregulation of leukocyte function potentiates both neutrophil effectiveness and any concurrent antibiotic therapy being utilized to treat infected wounds. As bacterial metabolism accelerates, senescent bacteria become more susceptible to these defensive mechanisms. The increased oxygen levels also have a direct bactericidal effect on any anaerobic bacteria present.

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PROMOTES stronger collagen synthesis

Promotes the synthesis of superior quality triple-helix collagen for improved tensile strength, while healing the wound with ideal histology that results in little to no scarring, healthy desquamation, reducing the risk of callus formation, resulting in lower recurrence.

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STIMULATES the proliferation of angiogenesis

An increase in the production of vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGF) results in prolific angiogenesis and new blood vessel growth. Additionally, there is a synergistic effect of oxygen on the reactive oxygen species (ROS) needed for transforming growth factor beta (TGFβ) and platelet-derived growth factor (PGF).

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Benefits of Positive Pressure

The high diffusion gradient causes oxygen molecules to rapidly migrate into the hypoxic wound bed, effectively driving oxygen during the therapy into deep penetrating wounds.
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Benefits of Humidification

A nebulizer delivers particulate humidity to the chamber to create an ideal moist wound healing environment. A moist wound bed allows for fast epithelial cell migration, which promotes healing.


In the United States, TWO2 is reimbursed within the Veterans Administration and other government sectors under our awarded Worldwide Federal Supply Schedule Contract, contract number: 36F79719D0186. The Veterans Health Administration is the largest Integrated Health Network in the USA, that serves our 23 million Veteran population, operates 1,400 care sites including 154 hospitals, and treats over 9 million veterans each year. Other federal agencies, such as the Department of Defense, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Bureau of Prisons are also covered by this contract. Additionally, Topical Oxygen is also reimbursed by New York and other state’s Medicaid programs.




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