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A Level of Evidence Like No Other

Supported by the highest level scientific studies, designed with integrity

TWO2 delivers the ability to close chronic non-healing and acute complex wounds, achieving more durable healing and providing significant clinical, quality of life and cost saving benefits.

Real World Evidence

Proven to Achieve Meaningful Clinical Outcomes

Real World Evidence

Proven to Achieve Meaningful Clinical Outcomes

TWO2 is a unique multi-modality topical oxygen therapy that combines:


Higher pressure delivery results in greater tissue diffusion critical to restoring normal wound metabolism, resulting in more effective and durable healing


Non-contact cyclical compression addresses edema and helps correct for the underlying peripheral vascular disease


Assures an ideal wound healing environment, promoting healthy granulation tissues for faster, more effective and durable healing

TWO2 therapy is supported by AOTI’s telehealth platform: Eyes on the Wound™, helping you maintain Continuity-Of-Care for your Patients at Home


Eyes on the Wound™ is a telehealth suite that:


Provides wound images & reports to assess a patient’s progress

Allows for effective patient triage and resource allocation

Simplifies patient integration, training & enhances treatment compliance

Is scalable for future disease state management coordination

Over 20,000 patients have benefited from TWO2 Therapy,
here is what some healthcare professionals have to say:

Dr. Guberman
Podiatric Surgeon

“Mainstay of my practice…most superior system”

Dr. Hingorani
Vascular Surgeon

“Remarkable results”

Cathy Smith

”It’s a Win/Win…
All the way around”

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