London 17 June 2009 – Ark Therapeutics Group Plc (“Ark” or “the Company”) announces today that it has signed an agreement with the privately owned global woundcare company, AOTI Ltd. (AOTI), for the supply of Kerraboot in conjunction with AOTI’s new Topical Wound Oxygen Therapy, known as TWO2, for the treatment of problematic chronic wounds. The initial agreement under which AOTI will purchase Kerraboot from Ark is for two years and includes projected sales numbers with minimum purchase commitments.

The new treatment regime combining TWO2 therapy with Kerraboot will involve the application of AOTI’s unique cyclical pressure topical oxygen therapy with the use of Ark’s Kerraboot between each treatment. TWO2 has been shown to completely heal complex wounds by correcting local tissue oxygen balance, stimulating angiogenic growth factors and the granulation of highly collagenous tissue and reducing bacterial bio-burden and peripheral oedema1. Kerraboot provides an easy to apply and pain free interim wound management dressing.  The agreement anticipates that Kerraboot will be used extensively in lower limb wounds treated with TWO2.

Under the agreement, Ark has granted AOTI exclusive international rights to purchase Kerraboot for use in this novel treatment approach which has demonstrated significant increases in healing rates for these problematic wounds.

The new combined TWO2-Kerraboot regimen will be launched immediately, commencing in the US, Germany, France, Russia and the Middle East.

Cecile Miles, Commercial Director at Ark, commented: “We are very pleased to announce this important agreement. The combination of TWO2 and Kerraboot is a logical approach and the effect of the two products together should be highly beneficial to patients whose quality of life can be very poor owing to the presence of these chronic and frequently distressing wounds.”

Dr Nigel Parker, CEO of Ark, added: “Kerraboot has already been shown to be highly effective in managing leg ulcers. This agreement with AOTI will allow both companies to significantly expand product usage in a controlled clinical treatment regimen. The opportunities in the US alone are very significant with in excess of five million people1 having either diabetic or venous leg ulcers. We look forward to providing a further update on the progress of this initiative in due course.”

Mike Griffiths, CEO of AOTI, commented:  “We are delighted to be partnering with such a pioneering company as Ark.  We believe that the combination of our proven TWO2 therapy with Ark’s innovative Kerraboot will further enhance the exceptional wound closure effectiveness we have been seeing in recent clinical trials.”

About AOTI

AOTI is founded on a decade of experience in providing innovative solutions to resolve severe and chronic wounds worldwide. Our products reduce healthcare costs and improve the quality of life for patients with these debilitating illnesses. Our patented non-invasive Topical Wound Oxygen (TWO2) therapy is unsurpassed in fully closings Diabetic, Venous and Pressure ulcers alike. AOTI is a private company based in Galway, Ireland with offices throughout the globe. For more information, see

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